Yellowstone Featured a Meth Fight at a Tractor Supply This Week


I’m beginning to think that I have a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome situation with Yellowstone. While I’ve tried to avoid saying it explicitly, the series is fully problematic, rife with racial stereotypes, violence, and Kelly Reilly screaming “fuck” at no one in particular as a coping mechanism for her addiction. But Episode Three took a bit of a turn and leaned into the show’s narrative, leaving the antics at bay. That’s when I started longing for the violence. Does this mean I’m a real man now? (Don’t answer that.) But right as I gave up on seeing any roughneck playground games this week, it happened—a meth addict fight in the parking lot of a Tractor Supply. Praise be.

Jimmy and his fellow ranch hand Avery set off to the Big Circle Ranch Supply store to pick up some barbed wire and fence clips. Once the scene moved inside, I was instantly transported to being a little boy again, hanging out in the kitchenware section of a Co-op until my dad got done talking to his friends. Ah, childhood. But in the world of Yellowstone, two men with scabbed faces were collecting copious gallons of ammonia and acetone to presumably make meth. This is also exactly how you get caught making meth, and when a cop walks in, they abruptly abandon their very bad plan.

Outside, the guys run into Jimmy, who has set off to fetch those fence clips. Turns out, Jimmy used to run with these guys back in his Bad Boy days, so they give him cash and tell him that Jimmy owes them this one. He heads in with a cart and even makes his way toward the ammonia, haunted by the temptation of his past. But when Jimmy emerges from the Tractor Home Depot Big Circle Store for Farm Stuff, he’s only carrying the fence clips. Buzz kill, my guy! Naturally, the guys freak out because now Jimmy has taken their money and their hopes and dreams. They push Jimmy, but he clocks one of the guys in the face.

Jimmy hops in the truck and tells Avery to drive, but she’s not fast enough. One of them takes what appears to be a two-by-four, busts the widow open, and attempts to drag Jimmy out the window. While this is all very extra, it’s still not Yellowstone extra. Yellowstone extra is doing stomach surgery in a cattle truck or buying someone’s house after meeting them five minutes earlier. Fear not though: Avery yells out to Jimmy to close his eyes as she sprays both guys in the face with bear repellent, which is essentially the equivalent high strength pepper spray. Mind you, this happens inside a truck, though Avery remains unaffected. Everyone gets maced and then they go home and don’t talk about it anymore. Problem solved!

I mean, what is there to say? Another week, another calamity. With a full six episodes to go, any number of crazy events could happen to the Dutton family, but with a bit of hesitance, I say: bring it on Yellowstone. Give me all the crazy you got. I’m here for it.

Justin Kirkland is a writer for Esquire, where he focuses on entertainment.