How the Mindhunter Cast Compares to the Real-Life People


Netflix’s Mindhunter is a true crime junkie’s perfect show. It weaves throughout the history of 20th century serial killers with appearances by everyone from the BTK Killer to Son of Sam and even Charles Manson. In Season One, the leader of the Manson Family was an obsession of our lede FBI Agent Holden Ford (based on real-life agent John E. Douglas and played by Jonathan Groff), but the notorious Manson won’t make his first appearance in the show until Season Two, which debuts on Netflix on August 16. And, to nail the infamous cult leader, Netflix cast a familiar face for anyone who’s seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Damon Herriman, who played Manson in the latest Quentin Tarantino movie, once again picks up the role for a more expanded part in Mindhunter.

“Sometimes the right actor has to find the right part, and then magic happens,” Holt McCallany (who plays Ford’s partner Bill Tench) tells Esquire, adding that Herriman spent several hours having prosthetic makeup applied in order to pull off his uncanny resemblance to Manson. “I felt like we could have looked for ten years and not found a better Manson than Damon Herriman. He was just superb in the part.”

Below see Herriman and the rest of the Mindhunter cast compared to their real life counterparts: