Daryl Dragon, aka The Captain, Was a Yacht-Rock Style Hero


There’s a particular kind of music for a particular kind of person that is best described as easy-breezy soft rock. It might include a saxophone or even a flute. It existed exclusively in the ’70s and ’80s. I am talking about Yacht Rock, and I am the kind of person who likes this music. There are many style heroes from this genre—Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen, Stevie Nicks—but one of the most iconic, because of his signature cap and fondness for turtlenecks, is Daryl Dragon. He is best known as The Captain, from the band, the Captain and Tennille. Last week, on January 2, Dragon died at the age of 76.

Dragon earned his nickname when, as a backup singer for The Beach Boys, he donned a captain’s hat on stage. In 1971, he met the singer Toni Tennille, and they started the Captain and Tennille, recording their best-known song, “Love Will Keep Us Together,” in 1975. The couple married that same year and divorced in 2014, but remained close. She was reportedly with him when he died.

Here are 15 photos of The Captain, many of them with Tennille, in all his ’70s Yacht Rock style glory.