America Has a Favorite Batman and It’s Definitely Not Val Kilmer


Robert Pattinson is officially our next Batman, despite backlash from overzealous fanboys. But the controversy is expected, considering everyone has an opinion on who should play Batman—including us! According to a new poll from The Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult, America already has (two) favorite Dark Knights and neither of them are much like Pattinson.

THR asked respondents about their thoughts on Pattinson’s casting. And while most older respondents preferred the idea of Nicholas Hoult as Batman (whose name was initially floated), a majority of respondents aged 18-29 preferred Pattinson, which is good news for the next generation of the franchise. But, along with questions about Pattinson, THR also asked respondents who their favorite Batman was. Christian Bale barely took first place with 39 percent, followed by Michael Keaton at 38 percent. George Clooney came in third with 19 percent, then Ben Affleck with 18 percent. Poor Val Kilmer landed dead last with 17 percent, even though his suit didn’t even have nipples.

The poll also asked about Catwoman and the Joker preferences—unsurprisingly, Halle Berry and Heath Ledger took first in each of those polls, though Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t far behind Berry. Naturally, no one particularly cared for Method Actor Jared Leto’s Joker.

Those rankings are bound to change soon as Pattinson is locked in as Warner Bros. next batman and Joaquin Phoenix will be our next evil clown in this year’s Joker. By the looks of it, Phoenix could give Jack Nicholson some tough competition, as long as he doesn’t look like Roger Klotz from Doug.

Justin Kirkland is a writer for Esquire, where he focuses on entertainment.