29 Times Hopper Was The Best Damn Part Of “Stranger Things”


1. When he had the right attitude towards mornings.

2. And office holiday parties.

3. When he pulled off this iconic look.

4. And this one.

5. When he danced like an adorable dork.

6. And sang like one too.

7. When he helped Joyce look for Will.

8. And followed her into the Upside Down, where he saved Will’s life.

9. When he continued to be there for Joyce and Will in the aftermath.

10. When we got this heartbreaking flashback revealing what happened to his daughter.

11. When he left Eggos for Eleven.

12. And when he brought her home.

13. When Hop and Eleven formed their own family unit with their own cute routine.

14. When he got on Eleven’s level.

15. Every time he was protective of the many people he cared about.

16. But especially Eleven.

17. And Joyce.

18. When he comforted Joyce after Bob died.

19. When he ~officially~ adopted Eleven.

20. When he low-key wanted to end Mike for being a little handsy punk but instead asked Joyce for advice.

21. And then he tried really, really hard to follow it.

22. When his strategy with Alexei actually worked.

23. When he got all excited and extra for his non-date with Joyce.

24. And then when he could barely believe it when she finally agreed to an actual date.

25. When he acknowledged how badass Eleven was but put her safety above everything else.

26. When he sent out this touching message to Eleven.

27. And when he left this incredibly moving letter for her.

28. Every time he looked at Joyce with pure and powerful love…

29. But especially that last time.

BRB crying forever.

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